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In previous articles have gone through options available with mysql_safe, one of the option is pid file i.e. process identifier file. The server writes its process id into pid file when mysql services are started and removes file when stopped. /proc is the place where Linux kernel exposes a lot of internal information about itself, hardware and running processes through a bunch of virtual files and directories. Specifically each process has its own directory there that takes the name after the process id or PID. Learning MySQL PID is as easy as running pidof mysqld. I went through troubleshooting the mysql.sock file and everything, changing its permissions, but nothing is working. I have rebooted my NAS many times. I eventually tried to restart mysql. In doing so I get: ERROR! MySQL manager or server PID file could not be found! I can't find anything specific to the QNAP or any general type troubleshooting. Knowledgebase. Portal Home. "MySQL is running but PID file could not be found" you have to create the directory. var/run/mysql. mkdir /var/run/mysql. then create the file touch and change its owner. chown mysql:mysql this should solve the problem. Finding the mysql pid file on windows. Rate this: Please Sign up or sign in to vote. See more: MySQL. hello all, I have tried a lot to find the pid_file in the mysql, but I could not find it. I have been trying the last days. I also searched my.ini for that. I got this my.ini file, but could not find.

04/12/2013 · Manager of pid-file quit without updating file. This is making learning mysql really FRUSTRATINGGG, also why is that a lot of people using mysql also seem to use linux? My search trying to solve the problem always gave me results for linux. I was working on an answer to this question—on one of my Ubuntu 12.04.5 development servers—and realized that the MySQL install was not creating and mysqld.sock files despite their paths. 重启MySQL提示MySQL server PID file could not be found! Starting MySQL.The server quit wit. If you have modified your MySQL configuration file, MySQL may not like it few versions after MySQL is not backward compatibility friendly. It can be the problem of using an unsupported variable, or something similar. The easiest way is to remove your configuration file, and try to start the MySQL server again: Backup your MySQL configuration.

查看 MySQL 的源码可以知道,mysqld 启动后会通过 create_pid_file 函数新建 pid 文件,通过 getpid 获取当前进程 pid 并将 pid 写入 pid 文件。 因此,通过 mysqld_safe 启动时, MySQL pid 文件的作用是:在数据文件是同一份,但端口不同的情况下,防止同一个数据库被启动多次。. Hi all, I have just installed the latest version of MySQL 3.23.27 from RPMs on a new server, but I'm wanting to locate all the files MySQL deals with on their own RAID partition. Basically, I'm attempting to move everything out of the install default of /var/lib/mysql/. I seem to have get everything apart from the PID file to re-locate.

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